Peter Schenkels

Producer, Musician, Computer Science Student

About me:

Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Peter Schenkels and I'm a Computer Science student at the HU University of Applied Sciences. I have experience working on projects using C++, C# and Python. My latest contributions can be found at my University's professorship for Microsystems. I helped develop software for their Low Powered Sensor for measuring Earthquakes! In my free-time I produce music, create games and work on other software related projects.


Games and other software I made.


Music I produced the last couple of years.

Sky World / Moony Moon (Extended Version)

This single includes extended/revamped versions of Sky World and Moony moon from my album: "Space". Since the tracks were so short and have such interesting ideas I thought it would be cool to make them longer and introduce new ideas. Hope you'ill enjoy it!

High Tide

High Tide is my most recent release under "EX-LYD". This album takes you on a underwater bitpop adventure with some ambient tracks to.

Chip Heat

This is the second album released under EX-LYD called chipheat. It also contains alot of bitpop/chiptune songs now with more influences drawn from japanese electronic music


This was my debut album "Space" under the name: "EX-LYD". I mainly produce bitpop combined with other EDM genres under this name. This release was made under the record label called "CheapBeats".


An EP with multiple tracks from different genres like Futurebass, Complextro, Chiptune & more...

Android Funk

Fast paced BitPop single

House of Usher

A Symphonic Drum & Bass single based on The Fall of the House of Usher by Edgar Allan Poe

Don't Cry

A melodic Drum & Bass single


An aggressive hybrid Drum & Bass track.

The Subside

In this EP I explore a darker side of Drum&bass, most of these tracks are experiments with neuro funk